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serving clients in Turner, Hallowell, and Portland Maine










Plants are our ancestors and our teachers, and their living medicine can transform our lives.






Let Sean help you connect with the plants that can nourish and support


your body, mind, and spirit.

"Sean has been our family herbalist for years.  I trust him and appreciate the gentle honest approach he has with my children.  He continues to connect us with plants that are necessary for our family's physical, spiritual, and emotional health."

-- Amanda Parkhurst

"Sean is a passionate advocate of place-based medicine and practices an herbalism infused with the wild spirit of the plants themselves. His commitment to the health of not only his clients but to that of the earth as a whole makes his work that much more vital for our current time and context."

-- Kiva Rose - Traditional Herbalist, Editor -- Plant Healer Magazine,  Co-Director -- Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference